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     1970 - 1975 Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland.
     2011   Haugesund Art Gallery
     2010   Lørenskog Art Society – Gallery Skårer
     2005   Gallery Albin Upp, Oslo
               Arendal Art Society
     2004   Gallery Arsenal, Poznan, Poland
     2003   Gallery III, Oslo
     2002   Nord- Trøndelag Countygallery, Namsos
     2001   Christianssands Art Society, Kristiansand
               Hedmark Art Center, Artbank, Hamar
     2000   Drammens Museum of Art and Culture
               Sogn og Fjordane County Gallery, Forde
               Oslo Art Society
     1999   House of Artists, Warsaw, Poland
               Stenersen Museum, Oslo
     1998   Trondheim Art Society
               Gallery "U Jezuitow", Poznan, Poland
     1997   Tegnerforbundet Gallery, Oslo
     1987   Fredrikstad Art Society
     1986   Skien Art Society
     1983   Gallery Albin Upp, Oslo
     1975   Gallery Cicibor, Poznan, Poland
               Gallery Stodola, Warszawa, Poland
     1974   Academy of Art in Poznan, Poland.
     2016   International Bienniale Print Exhibit: 2016 ROC - National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts   
     2009   Arena Vestfossen
               Eastern Norway - art exhibition - Palais am Festungsgraben, Berlin
               Elvelangs, Oslo, ”Dreamland” cooperation with Ella Fiskum Danz
               Tegnerforbundets Galleri – Artbook exhibition
     2008   Oslo Konserthus - Relics  
     2007   Spring exhibition – Tegnerforbundet, Oslo
     2006   Skulptur – galleri Icart, Oslo
     2005   Sculpture exhibition - Aker Brygge, Oslo
     2003/04/05/06   Galleri Roenland, Jevnaker
     2004   Sculpture exhibition i Bærums Verk, Bærum
     2003   Rogaland Art Center, Stavanger
     2002   Narvas art gallery, Narva, Estonia
               Riga Art society, Latvia
     2001   Nordic Objects, Nordic House, Reykjavik, Island
               Trans/Form, International art exhibition:
                    1. -Konstnarnashuset, Stockholm, Sweden
                    2. -Stenersenmuseet, Oslo, Norway
                    3. -København, Danmark
               "A shriek from an invisible box" - Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan
     2000   Summer exhibition – Forde & Svelvik
     1999   Patmos Sculpture Park, Telemark
     1998   Annual Art Exhibition - Barums Verk
     1997   Botanical Gardens, Oslo
     1997/92/90/83   The National Annual Autumn Exhibition
     1996   Tegnerforbundet Gallery, Oslo
               Norwegian Modern Art, Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia
               Katzow Sculpture Park, Germany
     1995   Gallery Roenland, Jevnaker
     1994   Sculpture Biennale, Kongens Have, Kobenhavn, Denmark
     1993   Gallery Brandstrup, Moss
     1992   Sculpture Park, Telemark
     1990   FIDEM, Helsinki, Finland
     1988   Gallery L`aire du Verseau, Paris, France
               Gallery Espace ACL, Dijon, France
     1987   Norway `87, Goteborg, Sweden
     1986   Culture Festival in Bergen
     1984   Faenz Italy
     1983   Stavanger Culture Festival
     1981   Galleri Dom Esterki, Radom, Poland
     1980   National Museum, Gniezno
     1978   Art Centre, Plovdiv , Bulgaria
     1977   National Museum, Poznan, Poland
               Art Museum, Lodz, Poland
     1976   Gallery BWA, Poznan
               International Institute of Human Rights, Strasbourg, France
               Chiostro della Basilica del Carmine, Florence, Italy
     1975   Gallery Nowa, Poznan
               Gallery Zacheta Warszawa, Poland
               Art in architecture, Moskva, Soviet Union
               Art in architecture, East Berlin, East Germany.
     2007   Project support from BKS Fund
     2004   State Grant for Artists
     2003,02,98,97,92,89   BKS Artist Fund Stipend
     2001,99,98    Exhibition Stipend from The Norwegian Council of Culture
     2007, 01,96,93   Project stipend from The Norwegian Council of Culture
     1999   Ingrid Lindback – Langaards Fund Stipend
     1995   Stipend from The Norwegian Culture Fond
     1994   Stipend from The Royal Culture Dept.
     1993   Project support from BKS Fund
     1988   Ingrid Lindback - Langaards Travel Stipend
     1979   State Stipend, Norway
     1976   Departments of Culture and Art Stipend, Poland.
     2016   Merit Prize at the Internationak Biennial Print Exhibit: 2016 ROC - National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
     2013   Glass fountain 1-prize
   Roald Amundsen Memorial Sculpture  over; 3-prize
     2007   New 10-krowns competition
     2003   New Norwegian Anniversary Gold Coins III- prize
     1994   New National HospitalOslo
     1993   New Norwegian Coins, Kongsberg
     1993   Olympic 1500 KR gold coin, Oslo, 1 prize
     1984   International Competition - Town fittings, Faenza, Italy
     1976   Art in architecture, Poznan, Poland, 2 – prize.
     National Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan     
     North Norwegian Art Museum, Tromso
     Royal Norwegian Mint, Kongsberg
     The Norwegian Radium Hospital, Oslo
     Hoyanger Commune
     Hoyanger Næringsutvikling AS
     Trondheim Art Museum
     Ralingen Art Society
     Drammens Museum of Art and History of Culture.
   2015/2017  Brumunddal Promenade - cooperation with Norconsult AS - undergroun passage for pedestrians & under bridge sculpture
     2014   CC"Stadion" - Hamar
     2013/2014 Glass fountain - Brumunddal, Norway
     1995, 97, 98, 99, 00, 01
Norwegian Hydro, Ardal
     2000   Spare Bank 1, headquarters, Oslo
     2000   Vesta Insurance, Oslo
     1997, 98, 99  Royal Norwegian Mint, Kongsberg
     1993/05    Bank of Norway, Oslo
     1980   Osowa Sien, Poland
     1978   Racot, Poland